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  • Когда?: С 04.05.2016 по 08.05.2016
  • Где?: PalmaVela - Real Club Náutico de Palma
  • Подробнее: http://www.palmavela.com/


  • Вид мероприятия: Sport
  • Тема: Sailing


The city of Palma on the island Majorca, is celebrating a new edition of this regatta for up to nine different classes of boats.

This competition, which is gaining in prestige with every passing year, has been held in Palma since 2004. The tournament includes regattas in the classes Lateen Sail, Adapted Sail, Maxi, Swan Maxi Class, Box Rule RI, ORC International, IRC, Monotypes and Epoch and Classics. The, event is also included on the official 2010 circuit for the Wally class and on the international circuit for the Swan Maxi Class. This is a great opportunity to enjoy sailing in the idyllic Balearic Islands.

Полезная информация

  • Дата: С 04.05.2016 по 08.05.2016
  • Место: PalmaVela - Real Club Náutico de Palma
    Muelle San Pedro, 1
    07012. Palma (Majorca. Balearic Islands)

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Тел. +34 971726848
Факс +34 971718636

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