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  • Вид мероприятия: Festival
  • Тема: Opera, Theatre, Dance


The International Theatre Festival is held annually in Vitoria, capital of the province of Álava, at various venues around the city.

The event not only contains theatre, but also dance and opera productions. The different shows can be seen at the Principal Theatre and at various municipal Civic Centres. The festival includes the following sections, amongst others: theatre for adults, family theatre, new shows and a review of the most significant pieces from Spanish and international theatres.

Полезная информация

  • Дата: С 03.10.2015 по 29.11.2015
  • Место: Teatro Principal
    c/ San Prudencio 29
    01005. Vitoria (Álava - Araba. Basque Country)

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Тел. +34 945161274

Режим работы и цены

Режим работы

  • С 03.10.2015 по 29.11.2015

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