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  • Alarcón.

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    Alarcón. Cuenca. (Castile-La Mancha) The town of Alarcón is located amid the steep gorges that flank the Jucar river. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Site because of the beauty and harmony of its monuments and natura…

  • Beteta.

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    Beteta. Cuenca. (Castile-La Mancha) The municipality of Beteta is located in the mountainous area of Cuenca, at the foot of the Arab castle of Rocafría, from which we can have splendid panoramic views of the surroundings…

  • Tragacete.

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    Tragacete. Cuenca. (Castile-La Mancha) The town of Tragacete, Cuenca, is located at the heart of the Cuenca Mountain Range, a surprising scenery in the midst of the plains of La Mancha. Tragacete is a mountain town that …

  • Ucles.

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    Ucles. Uclés. Cuenca. (Castile-La Mancha) Uclés owes its historical relevance to the La Mancha chapter of the Order of Saint James, which chose this town as the capital of their territory. The main attraction in this tow…

  • Uña.

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    Uña. Cuenca. (Castile-La Mancha) At the heart of Cuenca Mountain Range we find the town of Uña. >Situated on top of a hill, it lies at the foot of vertical escarpments that were perforated by the Jucar river.Situated on …

  • Valeria.

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    Valeria. Valeras, Las. Cuenca. (Castile-La Mancha) Located in the southern part of Cuenca, Valeria has a vast historic-artistic heritage, which will take the visitor back to the times of the Roman Empire. In the region k…

  • Villaescusa de Haro.

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    Villaescusa de Haro. Cuenca. (Castile-La Mancha) Village in La Mancha, with a rich historic and monumental heritage, that includes important Gothic-Renaissance buildings. Its historical importance is corroborated by the …

  • Belmonte.

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    Belmonte. Cuenca. (Castile-La Mancha) Situated in the midst of "Quijote's Road" (Ruta del Quijote), Belmonte is not only known as the birthplace of the poet Fray Luis de León, but also for its impressive 15th-century for…