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  • Prawns from Mar Menor.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Murcia) Prawns caught in the Mediterranean were considered a favourite seafood by the Greeks and Romans. The Prawn from Mar Menor is a 10-legged crustacean (Penneaeus Kerathurus) with a long, compact body measuring appr…

  • Jumilla pears.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Murcia) The temperate climate of the Region of Murcia is suitable for growing pears. Coming from a tree of the rose family, the pear has different characteristics depending on the variety, although in general it is coni…

  • Rice from Calasparra. Calasparra.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …Calasparra. Murcia. Rice cultivation in Calasparra is very old; documents from the 14th century offer testimony of the importance of the rice crops in La Vega del Segura. Despite its scant production, the cultivation are…

  • Paprika from Murcia.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Murcia) Paprika from Murcia is a natural condiment, intense red in colour, with a strong flavour and aroma, which is obtained from grinding red peppers. Its origins date back to the introduction of the pepper to Spain f…

  • Cheese from Murcia in Wine.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Murcia) The Cheese from Murcia in Wine is an aged cheese, soft to semi-cured, which is made from the pasteurised milk of the 'Murciana' breed of goat. Its most notable characteristic is that the exterior is receives win…

  • Cheese from Murcia.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Murcia) Cheese from Murcia is a fresh or aged cheese made with pasteurised milk from the 'Murciana' or 'Granadina' breeds of goat. It is cylindrical in shape and its rind is etched by the band and the cheese shelf. It i…