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  • Anis from Chinchón.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Madrid) The tradition of anis production in Chinchón dates back to the 17th century, when vast crops of aniseed were first cultivated. The aniseed, known as 'matalahúva', oval shaped and green in colour, comes from the …

  • Beef from the Guadarrama Mountains.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Madrid) Beef from the Guadarrama Mountains (Madrid) comes from meat-producing cattle breeds, such as the Avileña, Limousine and their crosses with the native Serrana breed. The meat comes exclusively from yearling calve…

  • Olives from Campo Real.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Madrid) The Olives from Campo Real undergo a unique production process and a later home-style dressing process with natural ingredients, that differentiate them from other types. They belong to the Manzanilla de Campo R…

  • Madrid virgin olive oil.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Madrid) Olive trees have been grown in the Community of Madrid since time immemorial. Nowadays, the oil obtained is of an extraordinary quality, with a unique flavour and aroma. Extra virgin olive oil obtained almost ex…

  • Chinchón White Garlic.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Madrid) Garlic production in the Madrid village of Chinchón dates from the 18th century. The so-called White Garlic belongs to the Chichón, Prieto and Regular white variety. It has a slimmer head and a longer, finer clo…

  • Asparagus from Aranjuez.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Madrid) Asparagus from Aranjuez is a traditional farm crop, characterised by its tenderness and persistent taste. It is characterised by its green colour and the closed, fleshy, triangular scale covered bud at the end. …