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  • Artichokes.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(La Rioja) Originally from Mediterranean Europe, artichokes are long-stemmed vegetables with spiny leaves shaped like pineapples. The edible part is formed by the heart of the flower. This vegetable has different charact…

  • Fardelejos.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(La Rioja) Fardelejo is a traditional Arabic sweet that was first produced in the town of Arnedo (La Rioja) in the 9th and 10th centuries. This is a pastry cake filled with marzipan. Rectangular in shape and measures app…

  • Camerano Cheese.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(La Rioja) Camerano Cheese, typical of La Rioja, is a fresh or slightly airy cheese made from goat's milk. Its shape is flat and cylindrical and the rind is etched with the lines produced by the wicker basket or 'zaragat…

  • Pochas.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(La Rioja) Pochas beans take their name from the dull colour of the pod when they are harvested. It is actually a type of white bean that is consumed before it is ripe. In fact, the bean, phaseolus vulgaris l., goes from…

  • Trout.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(La Rioja) The trout is a blue fish of the salmonid family that lives in fresh water in the Iberian Peninsula. La Rioja produces a considerable number of trout, which usually belong to the common variety. There are diffe…