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  • "Enrique Escudero de Castro" Municipal Archaeology Museum. Cartagena.

    Art | Museums

    …Calle Ramón y Cajal 45. 30204. Cartagena. Murcia. Fax.: +34 968515449 | E-mail: The origins of Cartagena. The museum takes you from prehistory throug…

  • National Museum of Underwater Archaeology.. Cartagena.

    Art | Museums

    …Paseo Alfonso XII, 22. 30202. Cartagena. Murcia. Fax.: +34 968122189 | E-mail: A rich underwater archaeological heritage. Particular highlights include a collection of …

  • Cartagena Roman Theatre Museum. Cartagena.

    Art | Museums

    …Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Palacio Pascual de Riquelme. Cartagena. Murcia. Fax.: +34 968525161 | E-mail: An example of Roman Cartagena’s monuments and arch…

  • La Torre Ciega Archaeological Area. Cartagena.

    Art | Monuments

    …30202. Cartagena. Murcia. This monument is the only thing that remains of the Roman necropolis that was located beside the route from Carthago Nova to Tarragona. The Ciega tower has a qua…