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  • Seville.

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    Seville. (Andalusia) Situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Seville has a rich Moorish heritage, and used to be a prosperous port that carried out trade with the Americas.  The streets and squares in the histor…

  • Osuna.

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    Osuna. Seville. (Andalusia) The Sevillian countryside to the east of the province, has a ducal town which has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site. The rich monumental wealth of its historic quarter is highlighted in a…

  • Cazalla de la Sierra.

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    Cazalla de la Sierra. Seville. (Andalusia) A beautiful town which sits in exceptional surroundings in the northern part of the province. The district includes the Sierra Norte Nature Reserve, and area of middle mountains…

  • Écija.

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    Écija. Seville. (Andalusia) Also known by the nickname of the “city of towers”, because 11 towers, nine steeples, and a great many churches, palaces and viewing points rise above its houses,…

  • Marchena.

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    Marchena. Seville. (Andalusia) Attractive monuments in a town with history. Marchena has important archaeological heritage, as can be seen at the Bronze Age Montemolín site. Not to …

  • Santiponce.

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    Santiponce. Seville. (Andalusia) A town which belongs to the Aljarafe region and is situated 7 km from Seville. The current settlement dates from 1595, the year when the previous site, next to the river, was abandoned be…

  • Utrera.

    Tourist destinations

    Utrera. Seville. (Andalusia) The city of Utrera surprises the visitor with a wealth of history and heritage. Located 35 km from Seville, it is one of the most important towns in the province. A tour of its streets reveal…