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  • Ayllón.

    Tourist destinations

    …40520. Ayllón. Segovia. (Castile-Leon) Located about an hour’s drive from the city of Segovia. Its old town has been declared Property of Cultural Interest. Stately buildings and homes with traditional architecture: the …

  • Coca.

    Tourist destinations

    Coca. Segovia. (Castile-Leon) Birthplace of the famous Roman emperor Theodosius the Great. With a doubt, the most outstanding feature of the town is its castle, one of the best-preserved in Spain. The Mudejar castle of C…

  • Cuéllar.

    Tourist destinations

    Cuéllar. Segovia. (Castile-Leon) Cuéllar is a town that lies to the north of Segovia province. Its walls, castle and San Martín church were declared to be National Historical and Artistic Monuments as far back as 1931. T…

  • Pedraza.

    Tourist destinations

    Pedraza. Segovia. (Castile-Leon) Declared to be a Historic-Artistic Site in 1951, the village of Pedraza has one of the most beautiful main squares in Castilla y León. Its cobbled streets and emblazoned houses form a med…

  • Riaza.

    Tourist destinations

    …40500. Riaza. Segovia. (Castile-Leon) The town is about 75 km from the city of Segovia, in a beautiful mountain setting. Architecturally speaking, this area stands out because of its traditional country homes, and above …

  • Sepúlveda.

    Tourist destinations

    Sepúlveda. Segovia. (Castile-Leon) Declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1951, Sepúlveda reflects the influence of the Romanesque style in its monuments and streets, dating back to its era of greatest splendour in the 11t…

  • Turégano.

    Tourist destinations

    …Turegano. Turégano. Segovia. (Castile-Leon) Medieval splendour, close to Segovia. 30 km from Segovia you will find Turégano, a village with many monuments and buildings that are real works of art. The medieval castle is …

  • San Ildefonso and La Granja.

    Tourist destinations

    …San Ildefonso o La Granja. San Ildefonso. Segovia. (Castile-Leon) A mere 11 Km away from Segovia, at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains, set in unique natural s…

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