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  • Palma.

    Tourist destinations

    Palma. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) The capital of the island of Majorca is located in the bay of the same name and enjoys an excellent climate all year round (with an average annua…

  • Calvià.

    Tourist destinations

    Calvià. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) The Majorcan town of Calvià dominates a land on the foothill of Sierra de Tramuntana, on the shore of the Mediterranenan. More than 50 kilometres that incl…

  • Deya.

    Tourist destinations

    Deya. Deyá. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) Deià is a beautiful town in the Majorcan coast known as Costa Norte, situated between Sierra de Tramuntana and the sea. The city centre, with its ancient Majorcan houses, sits on t…

  • Pollença.

    Tourist destinations

    Pollença. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) The northernmost spurs of Sierra de Tramuntana are the backdrop of the Majorcan town of Pollença. Widely known for its lively port and crystal-clear bay, the town has a medieval hist…

  • Valldemossa.

    Tourist destinations

    Valldemossa. Valldemosa. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) The monumental compounds of Valldemossa rise between Sierra de Tramuntana and the Mediterranenan, a few kilometres away from the Majorcan …

  • Andratx.

    Tourist destinations

    Andratx. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) Located 28 km away from Palma, this town is surrounded by pines and almond trees, under the shade of Galatos Peak. After being reconquered by Jaime I the Conqueror, the town was forti…

  • Bañalbufar.

    Tourist destinations

    Bañalbufar. Banyalbufar. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) The town is delimited by the hills of Sierra de Tramontana. Banyalbufar is located on the slope of Sierra de Tramontana, on the seashore. Three wide valleys are part o…

  • Cala Ratjada.

    Tourist destinations

    Cala Ratjada. Capdepera. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) Ratjada Cove is located by a point of the same name, in the westernmost end of the island of Majorca. This tourist centre with pristine waters has not lost its origina…

  • Inca.

    Tourist destinations

    Inca. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) It is located in the region of Es Raiguer, in the interior of the island. Inca is among the first cities in the island when it comes to population. Historically, in this municipality the…

  • Llucmajor.

    Tourist destinations

    Llucmajor. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) Golf and water sports on the Balearic Islands. Llucmajor is 25 kilometres south of Palma de Mallorca. It has beautiful coves, beaches and cliffs, with…

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