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  • Huesca.

    Tourist destinations

    Huesca. (Aragon) In the fertile county of La Hoya lies Huesca, which has a history going back more than two thousand years. El Coso, on the line of the old medieval walls, marks out an interesting network of streets pres…

  • Alquézar.

    Tourist destinations

    Alquézar. Huesca. (Aragon) Rich cultural heritage set in stunning natural surroundings. Alquézar is in the province of Huesca, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, within the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Nature Reserve. It is …

  • Barbastro.

    Tourist destinations

    Barbastro. Huesca. (Aragon) This village belongs to the region of Somontano de Barbastro, a land that grows wines with a world-famous Designation of Origin. The prolific agricultural and industrial activity in this regio…

  • Graus.

    Tourist destinations

    Graus. Huesca. (Aragon) Graus offers the traveller a city centre filled with historic vestiges. This was the town where Joaquin Costa, a distinguished intellectual, was born and died. The most important festivities in Gr…

  • Hecho.

    Tourist destinations

    Hecho. Valle de Hecho. Huesca. (Aragon) The county was founded on the Hecho valley (also spelled Echo), which would later become the Kingdom of Aragon. The main characteristic of this valley is the magnificence of its na…

  • Panticosa.

    Tourist destinations

    Panticosa. Huesca. (Aragon) In the region of Alto Gállego, deep into the Tena valley, we find Panticosa, a first-class tourist town with a ski resort for alpine and cross-country skiing.Panticosa is a charming village on…

  • Roda de Isábena.

    Tourist destinations

    Roda de Isábena. Isábena. Huesca. (Aragon) In the old county of Ribagorza, one of the original counties from the Crown of Aragon, and very close to the Isabena river, Roda de Isabena was erected. Roda de Isabena can boas…

  • Sabiñánigo.

    Tourist destinations

    Sabiñánigo. Huesca. (Aragon) Sabiñánigo is the most important municipality in a region historically known as El Serrablo, which is remarkable for its Mozarab and Romanesque buildings.Sabiñanigo is located on the Tena val…

  • Sallent de Gállego.

    Tourist destinations

    Sallent de Gállego. Huesca. (Aragon) It belongs to the region of Alto Gállego, which encompasses Serrablo and Tena valley, of which it is considered the most important town. It has an interesting city centre, with many h…

  • Aínsa.

    Tourist destinations

    Aínsa. Aínsa-Sobrarbe. Huesca. (Aragon) The village, which was the capital of the old Kingdom of Sobrarbe, and was later incorporated into the Kingdom of Aragon in the 11th century, constitutes a magnificent example of m…

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