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  • Castellón de la Plana.

    Tourist destinations

    …Castellón de la Plana-Castelló de la Plana. Castellón de la Plana. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) The capital of the county of La Plana, situated on the Costa del Azahar, has countless attractions. Many squares in whic…

  • Alcalá de Xivert.

    Tourist destinations

    Alcalá de Xivert. Alcalà de Xivert. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) Alcalà de Xivert is located within the historic land of El Maestrazgo, to the north of the province of Castellon. This city, which is sheltered by the …

  • Alcossebre.

    Tourist destinations

    Alcossebre. Alcalà de Xivert. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) This village in Castellón is characterised by its mountains, which all but reach the sea. Alcalá de Xivert-Alcossebre is located between the Costa del Azahar…

  • Alcora.

    Tourist destinations

    Alcora. Alcora, L'. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) L’Alcora, a gate to the region of L’Alcalatén, is one of the main tile-producing centres in Castellon.In the midst of the rugged relief of the region of L’Alcalatén we…

  • Ares del Maestre.

    Tourist destinations

    …Ares del Maestrat. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) The town of Ares del Maestre sits on the top of a rocky hill, on a privileged location that overlooks the beautiful and rugged landscape of the region of El Maestrazgo.…

  • Benicarló.

    Tourist destinations

    Benicarló. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) Benicarló, an important fishing port and tourist centre in Costa del Azahar, has a long beach, and a historic quarter filled with remarkable examples of stately architecture. B…

  • Benicasim.

    Tourist destinations

    …Benicasim-Benicàssim. Benicasim. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) Benicàssim is a traditional holiday centre, thanks to its six kilometres worth of sandy beaches, and its high mountains, fr…

  • Burriana.

    Tourist destinations

    …Borriana-Burriana. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) If you have ever wanted to know everything about the orange, then this is the ideal place. Just 13 kilometres from Castellón de la Plana, you will find the town of Burr…

  • Borriol.

    Tourist destinations

    Borriol. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) A great destination for history and sports lovers. Borriol is less than 10 kilometres from the town of Castellón de la Plana. The town's history goes back to Roman times - the ol…

  • Cabanes.

    Tourist destinations

    Cabanes. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) Cabanes. Countryside, coastline and culture conform the heritage of this village in the province of Castellón. Cabanes is 26 kilometres from Castellón de la Plana. It has a warm,…

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