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  • Aranda de Duero.

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    Aranda de Duero. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Great municipality in the province of Burgos, which lived a flourishing period under the rule of Enrique IV, in the late 15th century. From its rich architectural heritage we must …

  • Atapuerca.

    Tourist destinations

    Atapuerca. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Atapuerca is a small municipality located 18 kilometres away from Burgos, on the northern slope of Sierra de Burgos, famous for the prehistoric archaeological sites found in its township…

  • Coruña del Conde.

    Tourist destinations

    Coruña del Conde. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Coruña del Conde, Burgos, is located in the prestigious region of Ribera del Duero, famous for its wine tradition. The fertile plains along River Duero yield numerous crops, among…

  • Covarrubias.

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    Covarrubias. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Covarrubias owes its name to the reddish caves that abound in its outskirts. The city centre, which has been declared Property of Cultural Interest, is a wonderful example of typical C…

  • Frías.

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    Frías. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Its origins date back to the 9th century, when Alfonso VIII repopulated the valley to reinforce the border between Castile and Navarre. The historic quarter preserves its medieval atmosphere…

  • Medina de Pomar.

    Tourist destinations

    Medina de Pomar. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) This historic city is in the Merindades region of Burgos province, a little over 85 kilometres from the city of Burgos. It is on the Route of Charles V. Its old town has been decla…

  • Oña.

    Tourist destinations

    Oña. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) A remarkable village since the times of Fernán González, it grew under the protection of the monastery of San Salvador and the grace of the monarchs. In addition to the arch of Estrella, the f…

  • Peñaranda de Duero.

    Tourist destinations

    Peñaranda de Duero. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Peñaranda de Duero. Peñaranda de Duero is a beautiful medieval village, outstanding for its historic centre. The village is dominated by its castle and is situated on the Ribera…

  • Santo Domingo de Silos.

    Tourist destinations

    Santo Domingo de Silos. Burgos. (Castile-Leon) The most celebrated monument in Santo Domingo de Silos is the monastery, a universal Romanesque gem, which has become a centre of spiritual and artistic pilgrimage. The mona…

  • Burgos.

    Tourist destinations

    Burgos. (Castile-Leon) Burgos, a city in Castilla-Leon situated in the Pilgrim's Road to Santiago de Compostela, still preserves important vestiges of its medieval splendour. The city, which was the cap…

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