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  • Bollu preñau.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Asturias) Delicious Asturian speciality made of bread stuffed with spicy sausage. Wheat flour bun that is stuffed with Asturian spicy sausage before baking. Since they are baked together in the oven, the sausage is impr…

  • Cabrales Cheese.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Asturias) Also known as Quesu Cabrales or Cabraliego, this is one of the most important blue cheeses in the world. It is made with cow's milk or with goat and sheep's milk, which is more highly valued. Its name comes fr…

  • Asturian Cider.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Asturias) Traditional 'Wine' of Asturias, cider was around during Roman times, when it was known as 'pomaria'; the Arabs later called it 'siserio'. Protected under a Denomination of Origin of the same name, it is a drin…

  • Beef from Asturias.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Asturias) The main attraction in the tasty gastronomy of Asturias, Beef from Asturias is outstanding for its excellent quality. Beef from Asturias comes from cattle born, raised, fattened and butchered in the Principali…

  • Andaricas (Velvet swimcrabs).

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Asturias) The basis of many Asturian recipes, the "andarica" or velvet swimcrab is outstanding because of its versatility and high quality. In most of Spain it is known by the name of "nécora". The velvet swimcrab is a …

  • Gamonedo cheese.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Asturias) A wide variety of excellent quality cheeses are made in the massif of the Picos de Europa, among them one of the best Spanish blue cheeses: Gamonedo. This is a very large cheese with an irregular cylindrical s…

  • Asturian 'Fabe' (Bean).

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Asturias) The 'fabes' of Asturias are dried French beans of the 'phaseolus vulgaris' variety, whose quality must be extra or first to enjoy the protection of the Denomination of Origin. Fabes are cream-coloured, kidney …

  • Afuega'l Pitu cheese.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Asturias) One of the oldest and most widespread Asturian cheeses, both in terms of its considerable production and for its wide manufacturing area. Its name comes from the "bable" Asturian dialect and means 'choking cak…

  • Pixín.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Asturias) On the Asturian coast the anglerfish, a fish with firm, tasty flesh, is known as the 'pixín'. The anglerfish is a teleostean coliform fish with a large head and enormous mouth, very consistent, without scales,…

  • Vidiago cheese.

    Gastronomy | Products

    …(Asturias) Delicious block cheese, very similar to that from Cantabria, made in the eastern part of the province of Asturias. It is a rectangular shaped cheese, made of pressed paste, weighing around a kilo. It is made i…

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