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  • Chapel of El Carmen in Lugo. Lugo.

    Art | Monuments

    …Rúa do Carme. Lugo. (Galicia)…

  • Praza do Campo. Lugo.

    Art | Monuments

    Praza do Campo. Lugo. (Galicia)…

  • Lugo City Walls. Lugo.

    Art, World Heritage | Monuments, Cultural Heritage

    …Centro de Interpretación de la Muralla. Praza do Campo, 11. 27001. Lugo. (Galicia) Seventeen centuries of walls. The city wall was part of a defensive complex comprising a ditch, wall and an interval…

  • San Francisco Church. Lugo.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza de la Soledad s/n. 27001. Lugo. (Galicia) Fax.: +34 982240240 | E-mail: From church to museum. Site of the sections of Archaeology, Popular Arts, and Fine Arts of …

  • Lugo Regional Museum. Lugo.

    Art | Museums

    …Plaza de la Soledad s/n. 27001. Lugo. (Galicia) E-mail: Since 1957, this museum has been located in buildings adjacent to the old San Francisco Convent (of which the cloister, kitch…

  • Lugo Episcopal Palace. Lugo.

    Art | Monuments

    …Praza de Santa María. 27001. Lugo. (Galicia)…

  • Lugo Cathedral. Lugo.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza Santa María s/n. 27001. Lugo. (Galicia) Its prolonged construction originated the mixture of styles in its construction. After undergoing a long series of vicissitudes, the expert Raimundo de Monfo…

  • Uxío Novoneyra Municipal Exhibition Room. Lugo.

    Art | Museums

    …Calle Quiroga Ballesteros, 1. Lugo. (Galicia)…

  • Workshop and Musical Documentation Archive in the Craft and Design Centre. Lugo.

    Art | Museums

    …Travesía Rúa Chantada s/n. 27004. Lugo. (Galicia) E-mail:…

  • Lugo Town Hall. Lugo.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza Mayor, 1. 27001. Lugo. (Galicia)…

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