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  • Cáceres Plaza Mayor Square. Cáceres.

    Art | Monuments

    …10003. Cáceres. (Extremadura) This square emerged in the 12th century because of the annual fair which brought together a great multitude of people. During the 15th century it was surroun…

  • Bujaco Tower. Cáceres.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza Mayor. 10003. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Relatively square Moorish tower. After the reconquest of Cáceres in 1170 by Ferdinand II of León, a relation of his set up the Cáceres Congregat…

  • Palace of Los Golfines de Abajo. Cáceres.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza de los Golfines s/n. 10003. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Palace in the monumental city of Cáceres. This lovely palace is located in Cáceres, and was used as the residence of the Catholic …

  • Santa María Church-Procathedral. Cáceres.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza Santa María s/n. 10003. Cáceres. (Extremadura) The church is ranked as a Procathedral. Gothic masonry building with three naves containing Romanesque remains of the previous constru…

  • Cáceres Episcopal Palace. Cáceres.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza de Santa María s/n. 10003. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Its oldest part comes down to us from the 13th century, while the most modern part dates from the 17th century. The main façade is …

  • Mayoralgo Palace. Cáceres.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza de Santa María s/n. 10003. Cáceres. (Extremadura) It has a façade with both Gothic and Renaissance elements from 1537. There is a magnificent Mudejar courtyard with pointed arches t…

  • Carvajal Palace. Cáceres.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle Amargura 1. 10003. Cáceres. (Extremadura)   This building is also known as the Casa de Carvajal, and has both Gothic and Renaissance features. It currently houses the Cáceres Board …

  • Casa del Águila House. Cáceres.

    Art | Monuments

    …Callejón de la Monja. 10003. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Recently restored, it has beautiful Gothic windows, one on the left with Gothic-style decoration, and another to the right with a round …

  • Sande Tower. Cáceres.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle de Orellana. 10003. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Built in the Gothic style, the 14th century tower is attached to the Saavedra House. Its two Gothic windows are worthy of special attentio…

  • Church of San Francisco and Jesuit school. Cáceres.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza de San Jorge, 8. 10003. Cáceres. (Extremadura) The convent was built in the 18th century in Baroque style with Churriqueresque influences. There are columns with composite capitals,…

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