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  • Sagrarium Chapel of La Asunción Church. Priego de Córdoba.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle Abad Palomino s/n. 14800. Priego de Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) E-mail: An important Baroque work of art.Found inside the church of Asunción. Work o…

  • Casa de las Campanas House. Córdoba.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle Siete Revueltas 1, Barrio de Santiago. 14002. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) The House of the Siete Revueltas. Located in the neighbourhood of Santiago and once the ancestral house of Pedro…

  • Royal Stables. Córdoba.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle Caballerizas Reales, 1. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) This attractive building in Cordoba was built by order of Philip II in 1570 on part of the site of the city's Alcázar fortress…

  • Royal Butchery. Priego de Córdoba.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle San Luis s/n. 14800. Priego de Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) E-mail: . Destined for sacrifice of hostages such as the abattoir and market in the XVI …

  • Calleja de las Flores Alley. Córdoba.

    Art | Monuments

    …14003. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) Cordovan essence. Located in the Jewish neighbourhood and from which you can see the tower of the cathedral. A no through road in front of the northern facad…

  • La Merced Convent. Córdoba.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza de Colón, 15. 14001. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) E-mail: Christopher Columbus's residence. Christopher Columbus stayed in this convent whilst he was wait…

  • Christ of the Lanterns. Córdoba.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza de los Capuchinos. 14001. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) El Cristo de los Dolores. This monument was crafted by Friar Diego José de Cádiz, from the Capuchin-Franciscan Order. It was origina…

  • Priego de Córdoba Castle. Priego de Córdoba.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle Abad Palomino s/n. 14800. Priego de Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) E-mail: Arab fortress, reformed during the XII and XIV centuries.Its military character …

  • Casa del Bailío House. Córdoba.

    Art | Monuments

    …Cuesta del Bailío, 3. 14001. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) E-mail: This building once formed part of a great palace in the old part of the city of Cordoba. Its constru…

  • Cordoba Grand Theatre. Córdoba.

    Art | Monuments

    …Avenida de Gran Capitán 3. 14008. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) E-mail: Córdoba's Grand Theatre designed by the architect Amadeo Rodríguez, was officially open…

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