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  • Gothic Barcelona and Las Ramblas.


    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) A tour of the city. In the first century BC, the Roman town of Barcino was founded here, and since then it has been and continues to be the historical, political and religious core of excellence in…

  • Wine Route in Lleida-Costers del Segre.

    Routes, Gastronomy | Wine routes, Wine routes

    …Calle Major, 31. 25007. Lérida. Lleida. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 973700416 | E-mail: Come and discover the Wine Route in Lleida-Costers del Segre, a journey rou…

  • The La Ribera quarter and the maritime face of Barcelona.


    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) La Ribera. This neighbourhood is probably one of the most beloved and charming in the old town. In the Middle Ages it was the centre the guilds, trade and navigation of Barcelona. To step into La R…

  • Roman Catalonia.


    …Tarragona. (Catalonia) The jewel of the Roman Empire on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The city of Tarragona, ancient Tarraco, was one of the three most important cities in Spain during Roman rule. The consul Publius …

  • Cister Route.


    …Tarragona. (Catalonia) Sober and imposing architecture in the monasteries. On this route we will discover three important buildings erected by the Cistercian order, which was founded by the French abbot Bernard of Clairv…

  • Modernist route in Barcelona.


    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) A stroll around Barcelona, the world capital of Modernism. Between the 19th and 20th centuries in the centre of Barcelona, the architects of the Catalan Modernist movement created a variety of buil…

  • Penedès wine and cava (sparkling wine) routes.

    Routes, Gastronomy | Wine routes, Wine routes

    …Consorci de Promoció Turística de l’Alt Penedès. Calle Hermenegild Clascar 1-3. 08720. Vilafranca del Penedès. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Consorci de Promoció Turística de l’Alt Penedès. Fax.: +34 938199365 | E-mail: info@en…

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