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  • Santa Cruz College. Valladolid.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle Cardenal Mendoza, 1. 47002. Valladolid. (Castile-Leon) E-mail: Founded by the Cardinal of Mendoza. Its facade is the first Renaissance art in Spain.This school was fo…

  • Valladolid Cathedral. Valladolid.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle Arribas 1. 47002. Valladolid. (Castile-Leon) It is a Renaissance building designed by Juan de Herrera at the beginning of the 16th century. Its main façade is made up of two stretches of co…

  • Santa María la Antigua Church. Valladolid.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza de Portugalete, s/n. 47002. Valladolid. (Castile-Leon) Gothic temple from the 14th century. The temple was founded …

  • San Pablo Church. Valladolid.

    Art | Monuments

    …Plaza de San Pablo 4. 47011. Valladolid. (Castile-Leon) E-mail: This Dominican convent was founded by Doña Violante, wife of King Alfonso X. It has …

  • Church of the old monastery of San Benito el Real. Valladolid.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle de San Benito, 5. 47003. Valladolid. (Castile-Leon) The splendid Gothic church of the old convent of San Benito e…

  • Huelgas Reales Convent. Valladolid.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle Huelgas 19. 47005. Valladolid. (Castile-Leon) E-mail: A classical temple. A temple in the classical style (17th century). It houses important works of art in its i…

  • Los Vivero Palace. Valladolid.

    Art | Monuments

    …Avenida Ramón y Cajal, 1. 47011. Valladolid. (Castile-Leon) E-mail: Headquarters to the Provi…

  • Palace of the Marquises of Valverde. Valladolid.

    Art | Monuments

    …Calle San Ignacio, 11. 47003. Valladolid. (Castile-Leon) Constructed in Florentine style in the middle of the XVI century for D. Juan de Figueroa. The facade has …

  • Cervantes House-Museum. Valladolid.

    Art | Museums

    …Calle Rastro, s/n. 47001. Valladolid. (Castile-Leon) Fax.: +34 983390703 | E-mail: The Exemplary Novels and Cervantes. A two-storey building that recreat…

  • National Sculpture Museum. Valladolid.

    Art | Museums

    …C/ Cadenas de San Gregorio 1, 2, 3. 47011. Valladolid. (Castile-Leon) Fax.: +34 983259300 | E-mail: Art and sensations. This exhibition is an outstanding testament to the q…

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