Northern Route stage 14: Santander - Santillana del Mar


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The Way of Saint James

Nazwa odcinka:
Northern Route

33,00 Km

Sposób przemieszczania się
  • 8,00. Horseback

  • 4.00. Bicycle

  • 5.00. Walking

Główne trudności
In Lluja, in order to not to go too far off the route, it is advisable to seek out a low tunnel under the S-20 road.

Fauna, flora i uprawy
he local vegetation features particularly holm oaks, strawberry trees (Arbutus unedo), laurel, buckthorn, juniper, chestnut, ash, oak, hazel, heather, thrift, meadow species, rock samphire. The fauna includes crustaceans (species of crab, barnacles), octopus, eels, small squid, sea bass, conger eel, gilthead sea bream, pollack, pouting, wrasse; and birds: thrush, magpies, wood pigeon, common sparrows, starling, common swift, swallows, tits, kestrels, buzzards, peregrine falcon, owls, barn owls, oystercatcher, yellow-legged seagull, European shag, sanderling. Fox, weasel, water rats, hedgehogs, badgers, moles and bats, toads, frogs, lizards, newts, and vipers.

Leather, wood and ceramics.

Wyroby gastronomiczne i cukiernicze
Fish, shellfish and dairy products.