Northern Route stage 13: Güemes - Santander


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Güemes, Galizano, Latas, Somo, Santander

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The Way of Saint James

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Northern Route

13,20 Km

Sposób przemieszczania się
  • 3,20. Horseback

  • 2,00. Bicycle

  • 2,40. Walking

Główne trudności
The proliferation of housing developments around Santander makes the route is difficult to follow. It is important to keep a look out for signs to Somo, which is always indicated.

Fauna, flora i uprawy
The local vegetation features particularly linden trees, eucalyptus, pine, chestnut, poplar, ash, oak, cedar, elm, yew, birch, maple, laurel and plum trees. The fauna includes water birds such as the yellow-legged seagull and the rock pigeon (urban fauna).

Wyroby gastronomiczne i cukiernicze
Local gastronomic specialties are the fish (anchovies, sea bream, hake, tuna, horse mackerel, sole, sardines, squid), and shellfish (clams, mussels, razor fish, cockles, various species of crab, sea urchins, barnacles, shrimp, sea snails, Dublin Bay prawns, various species of lobster).