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Parque del Castillo
49001  Zamora  (Castile-Leon)




A tribute to the sculptor

Zamora Castle, built in the 11th century, is home to the Baltasar Lobo contemporary art centre, where works by this artist are on display.

Most of the work of this contemporary artist centres on the idealised fantasy of the female body. This sculptor was born in the Zamora village of Cerecinos de Campos in 1910. He went into exile in France where he formed part of the well-known Paris School. After his death, a large part of his work has been recovered and is on display at this museum.

  • Nazwa: Municipal museum
  • Okres artystyczny: Contemporary
  • Zawartość: Sculpture

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  • Od 01 paź do 30 kwi
  • Od Wtorek do Niedziela Od 10:00 do 14:00 Od 17:00 do 20:00
  • Dni zamknięcia: Monday
  • Od 01 maj do 30 wrz
  • Od Wtorek do Niedziela Od 10:00 do 14:00 Od 18:00 do 21:00
  • Dni zamknięcia: Monday


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