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Calle del Castillo 23
46500  Sagunto-Sagunt, Sagunto, Valencia  (Valencia)
Tel.:+34 962617267
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Looking back at Roman times

It contains the collections and findings from the excavations carried out in Sagunto and its castle,

and has one of the most important collections of Latin inscriptions in Spain. It also has inscriptions in Iberian and Hebrew, and distinctive mosaics from the Late Roman Empire, of which one of the highlights is the piece known as the Death of Dirce. There are Bronze Age ceramics from the archaeological site of Pic dels Corbs, and a limestone sculpture dating from the fourth century BC depicting an Iberian bull, one of the most valuable pieces in the museum. Other interesting objects include Iberian vessels, the Bacchian Hermes and a head thought to be of the goddess Diana.

  • Nazwa: Provincial museum
  • Zawartość: Archaeology

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  • Dni świąteczne i Niedziela Od 11:00 do 15:00
  • Dni zamknięcia: Monday
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