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24404  Ponferrada, León  (Castile-Leon)
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The Ene.National Energy Museum is a centre that teaches about the scientific and cultural side of energy and its influence on society. The institution has been given the EU's Europa Nostra award because of the industrial heritage recovery project it has carried out.

This museum, installed in two old power stations in Ponferrada (León), is divided into different spaces where visitors can learn about different aspects of energy. In the "Ene.térmica" space, the first that was opened to the public, visitors will discover how electricity is generated and transformed using coal. Other exhibition areas (still being developed) are "Ene.central" (which will deal with energy as a driving force of life on Earth, and the consequences of its usage), "Ene.parque" and "Ene.CO2" (an experimental installation in El Bierzo to prevent the emission of this gas into the atmosphere).

  • Nazwa: National museum
  • Zawartość: Science and technology

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  • Od 01 maj do 30 wrz
  • Od 10:30 do 14:00 Od 17:00 do 21:00
  • Od 01 paź do 30 kwi
  • Od Środa do Poniedziałek Od 10:00 do 14:30 Od 16:00 do 19:00
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  • Ulgowy: 1,5€
  • Wstęp wolny miércoles, niños hasta 7 años, personas con discapacidad y desempleados.


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