Ethnologic Museum of the Valle de Bielsa

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Plaza Mayor s/n
22350  Bielsa, Huesca  (Aragon)
Tel.:+34 974501000
Faks:+34 974501040





A tribute to the Pyrenees

This museum takes visitors into the history of those living in the Bielsa Valley.

Located in the Town Hall, the museum is dedicated to Bielsa, and to the valleys and mountains of this region in the Pyrenees. Inside you can see a collection of cooking utensils, farm tools, livestock-related implements, typical clothing and photographs that remind us what life was like in this area at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as its rich natural resources, flora, fauna and geography, and its history, culture and customs.

  • Nazwa: Municipal museum
  • Okres artystyczny: Costumbrista
  • Zawartość: Ethnology

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  • Od Wtorek do Niedziela Od 12:30 do 13:30 Od 18:00 do 19:00
  • Dni zamknięcia: Monday


  • Ogólny: 3,80€
  • Grupy: 3€
  • Uczniowie/studenci: 3€
  • Wstęp wolny Niños hasta 6 años


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