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Calle Alameda Sundheim, 13
21003  Huelva  (Andalusia)
Tel.:+ 34 959650424
Faks:+ 34 959650425




A journey through history

The museum contains important archaeological remains.

It is located in the broad Alameda Sundheim Avenue. It has two major sections: Archaeology and Fine Arts. The items on display take visitors on a journey back through the history of Huelva, from the Neolithic period through to Roman times. It has an interesting collection of Roman mining materials from Riotinto, with objects such as a waterwheel - the only one of its type that can be seen in Spain, and one of only a few in the world. The Fine Art section contains works by contemporary local artists.

  • Nazwa: Provincial museum
  • Zawartość: Archaeology

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  • Od 01 cze do 15 cze
  • Od Wtorek do Sobota Od 09:00 do 15:30
  • Dni świąteczne i Niedziela Od 09:30 do 15:30
  • Od 16 cze do 15 wrz
  • Od Poniedziałek do Niedziela Od 09:00 do 15:30
  • Od 16 wrz do 31 gru
  • Od Wtorek do Sobota Od 09:00 do 19:30
  • Dni świąteczne i Niedziela Od 09:00 do 15:30
  • Dni zamknięcia: Monday

Closed: 1, 6 January, 1 May, 24,25,31 December.


  • Członkowie UE: Wstęp wolny
  • Ogólny: 1,50€


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