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A 20 kms. de Tarragona
43883  Roda de Bará, Roda de Barà, Tarragona  (Catalonia)




Triumphal arch.

It is a triumphal arch. Commemorative in character with military or political gestures.Located on the old Vía Augusta in the direction of Rome. There is one site space, 12.3 m. high. On the plinth there are four grooved pilasters built side-by-side, from the Corinthian order, that hold up the entablature on which there is an inscription with the name of its creator.Commissioned by Lucio Licini Sura, General of Trajan.

  • Budowla: Arch
  • Okres artystyczny: Classical-Roman
  • Okres historyczny: Romanisation (A.D.)


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