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Autovía Palma-Sa Pobla, salida 37. Camí de les Coves, s/n.
07310  Campanet, Majorca  (Balearic Islands)
Tel.:+34 971516130
Faks:+34 971516130


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Balearic Islands





A paradise hidden inside Majorca's mountain range.

In addition to its famous coastal, the island of Majorca is also home to an underground world which is a testament to the natural richness of the territory. The Campanet caves are an exceptional natural phenomenon.

They cover an area of approximately 3,200 m2, of which about 600 metres is open to visitors. The caves were discovered while prospecting for water in 1945. The excavation works revealed fossils from an animal which had been extinct for 4,000 years, a small bovid which was once endemic to Majorca and Minorca. The visit to the cave lasts about 40 minutes and includes the various different galleries and chambers, some of which contain small pools of water. These rooms have been given evocative names such as the Romantic Chamber, the Lake Chamber, and the Castle Chamber. The rock deposits are particularly interesting and attractive, with formations such as stalactites, stalagmites and columns. It has a large recreation area suitable for use by all kinds of visitors.

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