Casa de la Villa City Hall and Casa de Cisneros House

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Plaza de la Villa 4, 5
28005  Madrid  (Madrid)
Tel.:+34 915881000




In the heart of “Madrid de los Austrias” (Madrid of the Hapsburgs) there is a pretty and charming square called Plaza de la Villa which is home to a statue in honour of Álvaro de Bazán (19th Century). Alongside the square is Casa de la Villa House, designed by Juan Gómez de Mora in the 17th Century and formerly used as a prison. The large exterior balcony and doorways are outstanding. Next to it stands Casa de Cisneros House, a 16th century palace rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century. Inside, the Tapestry Room is a highlight, with an impressive collection of extraordinary quality.

  • Budowla: Public building
  • Okres artystyczny: Plateresque
  • Okres historyczny: 16th century

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Only the exterior of the monument can be visited.