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Plaza de Cervantes s/n
28801  Alcalá de Henares, Madrid  (Madrid)
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This visitor centre is dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes

It is located in one of the most symbolic sites associated with the figure of Miguel de Cervantes in the city: the chapels of Antezana and El Oidor. They stand on the site of the church in which the author of Don Quixote was baptised, once the parish church of Santa María la Mayor, now demolished. Among other priceless pieces on display on its interior are the baptismal font and a reproduction of Cervantes' baptismal certificate, dated 9 October 1547. It also offers an extensive programme of temporary activities throughout the year.

  • Budowla: Chapel
  • Okres artystyczny: Baroque
  • Okres historyczny: 15th century

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  • Od 15 cze do 15 wrz
  • Od Wtorek do Niedziela Od 10:30 do 13:30 Od 18:00 do 21:00
  • Od 16 wrz do 14 cze
  • Od Wtorek do Niedziela Od 10:30 do 13:30 Od 17:00 do 20:00
  • Dni zamknięcia: Monday


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