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Plaza de l'Abat Oliba s/n
17500  Ripoll, Girona  (Catalonia)
Tel.:+34 972702351


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The Benedictine monastery in Ripoll was founded by Count Wilfred "The Hairy" in the 9th century. It soon became a major cultural centre during the High Middle Ages, which is why it continued to be extended up until the 12th century, when it ended up more or less as it looks today. The main feature of the monastery is its Romanesque front façade dating from the 12th century, which is divided into seven horizontal strips, in which Biblical, historical and allegorical scenes are depicted. The inside of the building retains three of its naves where once there were five. The tombs of several counts, including those of Besalú and Barcelona, as well as the tomb of the founder of the building Guifré el Pilós, lie in the transept and central nave walls of the church. The cloister has two levels. Building began in the 12th century, but was then put on hold until the end of the 14th century. The upper gallery was completed in the 16th century.


Okres artystyczny:

Okres historyczny:
16th century, 9th century

The Ethnographic and Folk museum of Ripoll lies next to the monastery in the parish church of Sant Pere, in which there are various exhibits related to the popular culture of the area.

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