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Plaza de África s/n
51001  Ceuta  (Ceuta)
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  • Wspólnota autonomiczna: Ceuta
  • Prowincja/Wyspa: Ceuta


A cultural crossover: from mosque to cathedral.

It is built over the ruins of the Main Mosque. The project was developed in the 17th century and it was built in the 18th. It was finally rebuilt between 1948 and 1961.

Inside, 18th-century statues and canvasses are mixed in with the work of renowned contemporary artists such as Castillo Lastrucci and Minarro. Special mention should be made of the 15th-century Virgen Capitana, of Portuguese origin. It has a neo-Classical doorway in black marble. The choir stalls are located in the front section of the nave. The Baroque altarpiece in the Santísimo chapel is also a very beautiful and highly important work.

  • Budowla: Cathedral
  • Okres artystyczny: Neo-classical
  • Okres historyczny: 18th century
  • Otoczenie: Moorish fortress, Virgen de África Sanctuary, Ntra. Sra. del Valle Shrine, Museum, San Pedro chapels.

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