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Plaza de la Catedral s/n
10600  Plasencia, Cáceres  (Extremadura)
Tel.:+34 927423843
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An exquisite work of architecture.

Plasencia Cathedral is formed by two buildings in different styles. It has three naves crowned with rib vaults.

Plasencia Cathedral comprises two buildings: one known as the Old Cathedral, begun in the 13th century in the Romanesque style in transition to the Gothic. The remains of the original church include the naves, the western façade, the Gothic-style cloister and the chapter room crowned with a ribbed dome in the Byzantine tradition. The New Cathedral, begun in the 15th century, is in the Gothic style. It has high vaults supported by groups of columns. The High Altar, dating from the 17th century, features carved images by Gregorio Fernández and paintings by Francisco Ricci. Highlights inside the church include the choir stalls in the flamboyant Gothic style in transition to the Plateresque. The Old Cathedral currently houses the Cathedral Museum.

  • Budowla: Cathedral
  • Okres artystyczny: Gothic
  • Okres historyczny: 13th century
  • Otoczenie: City of Plasencia.

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