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A group of buildings in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

It was the residence of the counts of Barcelona, and later the kings of Aragón. It basically consists of three buildings: Salón de Tinell is a spectacular ceremonial area with many blind arches and which uses the old Roman wall; the Palatine Santa Ágata chapel containing the altarpiece of Constable Peter of Portugal by the artist, Jaime Huguet (1465), a masterpiece of Catalan Gothic painting; and the Lloctinent Palace, built in the 16th century by Antoni Carbonell for the king of Spain in a style between late Gothic and early Renaissance.

  • Budowla: Palace
  • Okres artystyczny: Gothic
  • Okres historyczny: 16th century, 11th century
  • Otoczenie: Cathedral, Palace of the Catalan Regional Government, City Hall, Santa Caterina Market.

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