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Zona arqueológica
06800  Mérida, Badajoz  (Extremadura)



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    Światowe Dziedzictwo – certyfikat przyznawany przez UNESCO.


The centre of the Roman chariot races.

It was used for chariot races and –according to an inscription– later adapted to serve as a venue for naval games.

It has a rectangular shape and is divided in two lengthwise down the middle along the raised central platform, which would originally have been covered in marble. Still visible are the arena where the races took place, the seating areas or stands, and the doors known as 'carceres' through which the competitors entered the ring. It is one of the best conserved circuses in existence.

  • Budowla: Circus
  • Okres artystyczny: Classical-Roman
  • Okres historyczny: Romanisation (A.D.)
  • Otoczenie: Theatre and amphitheatre.

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Plan zajęć

  • Od 29 mar do 31 maj
  • Od Poniedziałek do Niedziela Od 09:00 do 21:00


  • Ogólny: 12€
  • Ulgowy: 6€


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