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    Dostępność dla osób niepełnosprawnych. Okolice i usługi w Hiszpanii dostępne dla osób niepełnosprawnych.


The Generalife gardens are close to The Alhambra and are now part of the same site, although historically they were separated by Rey Chico hill. They were partially constructed as far back as 1319, and reflect the old layout of a Moorish villa, with their arrangement of patios and viewing points overlooking the surrounding landscape. Special mention should be made of the stunning Riad, or Acequia, courtyard, with its countless fountains, the Ciprés de la Sultana Courtyard, which still conserves the trunk the historic cypress tree from which it takes its name, and the water steps that have inspired so many artists and architects.

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  • Od 15 paź do 14 mar
  • Od Poniedziałek do Niedziela Od 08:30 do 18:00
  • Od 15 paź do 14 mar
  • Od Piątek do Sobota Od 20:00 do 21:30
  • Od 15 mar do 14 paź
  • Od Poniedziałek do Niedziela Od 08:30 do 20:00
  • Od Wtorek do Sobota Od 22:00 do 23:30


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  • Route adapted for the disabled
  • WC with disabled access


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