San Vicente de la Sonsierra

“Picaos” procession in San Vicente de la Sonsierra

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Rioja, La
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The Rioja village of San Vicente de la Sonsierra celebrates the “los picaos” procession in Easter week. It is a religious tradition with ancient origins.

It is the only display of penitence which includes flagellation, a practice that was common in many places until the 18th century. Despite the passing of time and prohibitions, this ritual has survived in the village. On their route, the “disciplinantes”, or penitents, dressed in white habits, whip their backs with esparto-grass ropes for twenty minutes.

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  • Data: Od 2016-03-24 do 2016-03-25
  • Miejsce: San Vicente de la Sonsierra (La Rioja)

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  • Od 2016-03-24 do 2016-03-25

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