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Semana Santa de Riogordo (Málaga)

The representation of the death of Jesus Christ.

The most important event of the Easter week celebrations in Riogordo is the theatrical representation of the Passion. The dramatisation takes place on a natural stage, with space for an audience of more than 6,000 people. More than 500 amateur actors, mostly village residents, take part in this theatrical performance, that acts out the passion and death of Jesus Christ, on Good Friday and Holy Saturday. The montage lasts three hours and excels for its faithful representation of the gospel texts, its excellent setting and the realism of its scenes.

Informacje praktyczne

  • Data: Od 2016-03-20 do 2016-03-27
  • Miejsce: Plaza de la Constitución nº 14
    29180. Riogordo (Malaga. Andalusia)

Dane kontaktowe
Tel. +34 952732154
Faks +34 952732380

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  • Od 2016-03-20 do 2016-03-27

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