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The Medieval Fair is held in Ibiza during the second week of May.

For a few days, the city of Ibiza is cast back to medieval times. Craft markets, wizards, witches, puppets, jugglers, jesters, knights, princesses, princes, dragons, falconry, artists and craftsmen, as well as typical food and drink, fill the walled area of the historic centre with colour and life. Professional actors and musicians take part in the event.

Informacje praktyczne

  • Data: Od 2016-05-12 do 2016-05-15
  • Miejsce: Passeig Vara de Rey, 1
    07800. Ibiza (Balearic Islands)

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Tel. +34 971 301 900
Faks +34 971 301 740

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  • Od 2016-05-12 do 2016-05-15

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