Itálica European Youth Festival of Greek and Roman Theatre

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  • Działalność: Festival
  • Temat: Theatre


Founded in 1997, the European Youth Festival of Greek and Roman Theatre is held at the old Roman Theatre at the archaeological site of Itálica.

In an attempt to bring classical theatre back to life, the event features tragedies and dramas from the Greek and Roman periods, performed by amateur university groups from around Europe. Its main aims are to promote the study of classics through theatre and to contribute to the conservation of historical heritage.

Informacje praktyczne

  • Data: Czeka na zatwierdzenie 2016
  • Miejsce: Avenida de Extremadura, 2
    41970. Santiponce (Seville. Andalusia)

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Tel. +34 955123847
Faks +34 955542973

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  • Czeka na zatwierdzenie 2016

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