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  • Działalność: Sport
  • Temat: Sailing


The city of Melilla hosts a new edition of Nautical Week, held in the bay and its surrounding waters.

This event has consolidated its position as an important date on the calendar of regattas at Spanish and international level. Nautical Week is a high-level encounter for cruiser-class vessels. It figures on the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation calendar and is a point-scoring event for the Spanish IMS Cruiser Class Championship, in IMS 500, IMS 600, IMS 670, C and D groups.

Informacje praktyczne

  • Data: Czeka na zatwierdzenie 2016
  • Miejsce: Zona del Puerto s/n
    52001. Melilla

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Tel. +34 952683659
Faks +34 952680570

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  • Czeka na zatwierdzenie 2016

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