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  • Działalność: Festival
  • Temat: Theatre


The Cáceres Classical Theatre Festival has been held in this Extremaduran city since 1990.

This event aims to showcase quality products and performances of the best classical texts with prestigious companies on the contemporary dramatic scene, and highlight the conjunction between Golden Age theatre, music and dance. Texts by Lope de Vega, Calderón, Shakespeare are brought to life, as well as the works of other playwrights from the 16th century down to the present day. There is also a series of parallel activities, including workshops, exhibitions and small free shows which have become an essential part of this festival.

Informacje praktyczne

  • Data: Czeka na zatwierdzenie 2016
  • Miejsce: Cáceres (Extremadura)

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Tel. +34 927010884
Faks +34 927010887

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  • Czeka na zatwierdzenie 2016

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