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  • Lighthouses in Galicia: guardians of the end of the world.

    Travel ideas

    …(Galicia) They look out haughtily over the sea from the peaks of the mountains, lighting the way for mariners through waters once known as “the end of the world”. These are the lighthouses of Galicia, in northwestern Spa…

  • Galicia and its shellfish, an indulgence from the sea.

    Travel ideas

    …(Galicia) Easy to cook and a delight for the palate. This is Galicia’s seafood. Tasty, varied and abundant. In Galicia you can try it freshly caught and perfectly prepared. And it’s nutritious and healthy too. Come and e…

  • Science museums in Spain: touching allowed!.

    Travel ideas

    …Would you like to have fun while you learn all about yourself and the world around you? Spain's Science Museums offer the chance to enjoy yourself while you discover, in a simple, entertaining and totally interactive way…

  • Viewpoints in Asturias, windows onto nature.

    Travel ideas

    …(Asturias) Forget about your stresses and strains. Here we suggest a trip direct to the heart of peace. Where? At the viewpoints of Asturias, in northern Spain – stunning natural terraces high up in the mountains where y…