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  • Huelva.

    Tourist destinations

    Huelva. (Andalusia) At the mouth of the River Odiel stands Huelva, an Andalusian city with an ancient mining tradition and witness to historical events as important events as important as the discovery of America. At the…

  • Almonaster La Real.

    Tourist destinations

    Almonaster La Real. Almonaster la Real. Huelva. (Andalusia) An Arab castle, Mudejar and Gothic homes, and a mosque that is older than the one in Cordoba, are part of the historic quarter of Almonaster la Real, declared a…

  • Aracena.

    Tourist destinations

    Aracena. Huelva. (Andalusia) http://www.aracena.es/. Aracena was always a traditional holiday destination for the people of Sevilla and Huelva. The historic quarter, declared a Cultural Object, and the grotto of Maravill…

  • Isla Cristina.

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    …Isla-Cristina. Huelva. (Andalusia) Located in the western part of the province, in Costa de la Luz, Isla Cristina is a modern town with a long seafaring tradition, a great place to find salted meats and canned fish. Here…

  • Moguer.

    Tourist destinations

    Moguer. Huelva. (Andalusia) Moguer, a town in the region of La Tierra Llana, located on the banks of the Tinto river, is a place deeply involved in the Discovery of America, since it was in the convent of Santa Clara tha…

  • Niebla.

    Tourist destinations

    Niebla. Huelva. (Andalusia) A millenary village, located at the top of a hill that overlooks the Tinto river. Its most impressive feature is its two-kilometre-long wall, which entirely covers the city's perimeter. The ci…

  • Ayamonte.

    Tourist destinations

    Ayamonte. Huelva. (Andalusia) www.ayamonte.es. Located on the banks of the Guadiana river, bordering on Portugal, Ayamonte was always a quiet fishing town that stretches its white houses down to the port. The Greek calle…

  • Punta Umbría.

    Tourist destinations

    Punta Umbría. Huelva. (Andalusia) A town located near the capital, on the banks of the Odiel river. At present, it is an important tourist destination, due to its magnificent beaches. The town, surrounded by pine groves,…

  • Almonte.

    Tourist destinations

    Almonte. Huelva. (Andalusia) The most significant attractions here are: The Rocío pilgrimage, Doñana National Park and Matalascañas Beach. Almonte is in the province of Huelva, Andalusia. The town is made up of small whi…