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Experience your own film in Almería





The unique contrasts of the cliffs, mountains and desert of Almería, in the southeast of Spain, have been the set of many great films by important directors such as David Lean, Franklin J. Schaffner, Steven Spielberg, Sergio Leone, John Milius and Anthony Mann. Mythical films such as "Lawrence of Arabia", "Cleopatra" and "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" were filmed here.

Make the most of your holidays in Almería and come and discover this special route we suggest: the locations for the films "A Fistful of Dollars" and "Indiana Jones". There is an official guide for both these films (published in English and Spanish) which will guide you along the landscape of Almería.

The route is 66 kilometres long (55 in a 4x4 vehicle and 11 hiking). The whole trip (which lasts about nine hours) takes visitors through the amazing area of the Tabernas Desert and Sierra Alhamilla Mountains.

During this trip you will travel through the only desert area in Europe. You will feel like Harrison Ford on his way to find the Holy Grail, and you will discover real cinema tricks. For example, the deep ravine that a tank fell down when Indiana was being pursued by the German troops is actually only five metres high.

If you prefer westerns, you will also enjoy this trip which takes you, for example, through the oasis where Clint Eastwood meets up with his gang after robbing the bank in El Paso. You will also be able to visit the Oasys theme park, also known as Mini-Hollywood, which still has the original sets of "A Fistful of Dollars" and many cinema posters. Can-can dances and real "duels from the Far West" also take place. We recommend you to save at least a whole morning to visit this park.

If you like it and want to learn even more about cinema, you will find that many other places in Almería have had the privilege of being film sets. For example, another recommended trip is one that takes visitors along the beautiful Cabo de Gata-Níjar Nature Reserve, which is about 30 kilometres long, and has real open-air sets like the virgin beaches of Mónsul and the Genoveses, where "The Wind and the Lion", "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen", "The Rat Patrol", "The Man Who Lost His Shadow", etc. were filmed.

Don't miss this amazing part of Spain where important stars and filmmakers such as Oliver Stone, Liz Taylor or Peter O'Toole have been, where almost 200 films and series have been filmed, and where you will almost think you hear: "Lights, camera, action!"

You will find all the information you need on the official website of the Almería Tourist Board.

Things to remember

Use comfortable footwear for these trips. Although Almería is known for its mild temperatures all year round, the best time of the year for this trip is spring.