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Ingredients for 6 people: 100g of pig's or lamb's brains 100g of pig's or lamb's testicles extra virgin olive oil a little bone marrow some bay leaves white wine 6 eggs salt


Put the clean brains and testicles into a casserole dish with water, salt, some bay leaves and a dash of white wine. Leave to cook for 5 minutes. When everything is cooked, remove from the casserole dish and allow to cook to chop and sauté in a frying pan. Beat the eggs separately, season and mix with the bone marrow. Then put the mixture from the frying pan and spread it out. Solidify the mixture over a low heat in another frying pan, with a little oil.

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Informasjon om oppskriften

  • Kategori: Second course
  • Tilberedningstid: 45 minutes
  • Sesong: All year

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