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Ingredients for 4 people: 1 bunch of young garlic Olive oil 3 or 4 eggs


Take a bunch of the young garlic and cut into 5 cm strips. Next, fry with olive oil. Fry gently and cover so that they cook well, are tender and do not burn. Before you finish frying the garlic, beat 3 or 4 eggs and when the garlic is ready add them, mixing well to prevent there from being a lot of egg and little garlic in some areas, and leave until it sets.

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Informasjon om oppskriften

  • Kategori: Second
  • Tilberedningstid: 15 -30 minutes
  • Pris: Low
  • Sesong: All year round


  • Energy: Low
  • Cholesterol: High
  • Fibre: High

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