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The coast of Rías Altas are lined with wild cliffs and dotted with sandy areas, caves and beaches. Seaside towns alternate with medieval ones.

The Rías Altas, although the water is much colder than in the Rias Baixas, they possess beautiful beaches. Cedeira, an important fishing port and holiday area, is reached by a road hidden in the mountains. Only 12 kilometres away (seven if you take the old «pilgrim way»), is San Andrés de Teixido, a place to which all Galicians had to pilgrimage at least once in their lives to save their souls from sorrow (according to an old saying « after death goes he to Saint Andrew, who did not go in life»). It was the most important pilgrimage in Galicia until the pilgrimage in Santiago. Mounds of stones brought by the pilgrims can still be seen today on both sides of the way. These stones will 'speak' on the Final Judgement Day to say who fulfilled the promise of going to Saint Andrew. The plant namoradoira, said to cure love-related problems, grows around this area. Here in the Sierra da Capelada, you will find O Cabo do Mundo (the End of the World), the highest cliff in Atlantic Europe. Next on the journey we come across the nature areas of Ortigueira Beach and Cape Estaca de Bares, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Cantabrian Sea.