Santa Catalina Church and Tower


Plaza de Santa Catalina s/n
46001  Valencia  (Valencia)
Tlf.:34 963917713



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    Tilgjengelighet. Tilgjengelige steder og tjenester i Spania.


Santa Catalina Church is one of the oldest in Valencia.

The church dates from the Middle Ages, and is built on the site of a former mosque. It is the only Gothic church in the city with a retrochoir in the transept, the same as you will find in the Cathedral. A large part of the building was rebuilt in the 16th century after being destroyed by a fire. The bell tower, for its part, is in Baroque style. It dates from the 17th century and is the monument's most outstanding feature. It is hexagonal, with five levels, and is topped by a niche and a small dome. Santa Catalina Tower marks the entrance to the well-known Mercat neighbourhood.

  • Konstruksjon: Church
  • Kunsthistorisk periode: Baroque
  • Historisk periode: 13th century

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