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El Soplao Cave


Sierra de Arnero
Celis, Rionansa, Cantabria  (Cantabria)
Tlf.:+34 902820282






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    Tilgjengelighet. Tilgjengelige steder og tjenester i Spania.


An underground gem between the mountains and the sea

El Soplao is situated in the western part of Cantabria, in the region of Saja-Nansa. There are currently 20 kilometres of natural passageways documented, as well as almost 30 kilometres of mine galleries.

It was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century during work at La Florida mines, and it is one of the leading underground tourist destinations because of its spectacular, eccentric formations. The term "soplao" ("blown") refers to the draught of fresh air that is created when a mine gallery intersects with a natural passageway. This is where the name of this spectacular cave comes from. Visitors can get to the cave on a recreated mine train that departs from an outside station and stops at a platform inside the cave. From here visitors have to walk through the cave. The most important passageways are La Gorda (The Fat One), Los Fantasmas (The Ghosts) and La Ópera (The Opera). The visit is suitable for all visitors, who are accompanied by a guide, and it lasts about an hour. There is also an Adventure Tour for intrepid visitors. For two hours and a half they can enjoy the experience of becoming a potholer, at least for one day, and discover the Campamento (Camp), El Órgano (The Organ) and El Bosque (The Forest) passageways. The organising team provides all the materials required (helmet with a lamp, jumpsuit and rubber boots). This activity is suitable for people over 12.  

Caves and tourist mines

Praktisk informasjon


Fra 01 okt til 31 okt
Fra Tirsdag til Søndag
Fra 10:00 til 14:00
Fra 15:00 til 18:00

Lukkedager: Mandag

Fra 01 nov til 31 mar
Fra Tirsdag til Søndag
Fra 10:00 til 14:00
Fra 15:00 til 17:00

Lukkedager: Mandag

Fra 01 apr til 30 jun
Fra 10:00 til 14:00
Fra 15:00 til 18:00

Lukkedager: Mandag

Fra 01 jul til 31 jul
Fra 10:00 til 19:00

Fra 01 aug til 31 aug
Fra 10:00 til 21:00

Fra 01 sep til 30 sep
Fra 10:00 til 14:00
Fra 15:00 til 18:00

Closed: 24, 25 and 31 December, 3 and 10 January, and 17 to 31 January


Generelt: 12€
Personer med funksjonshemming: 9,50€
Pensjonerte: 9,50€
Studenter: 9,50€
Grupper: 9,50€
Barn: 9,50€
from 4 to 16 years
Admission free: for children under 3 years.

Adventure Tour:
General admission: €32. Reduced admission: €26 (groups, minimum 15 people)